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Qbit specializes in business process modeling through JD Edwards ERP implementation. With more than 17 years of experience, we have developed a solid methodology to guarantee the success of each project, aligning them with the overall business strategy of the company.

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  • Mauro Cavallieri

    I.T. Coordinator BIC South Region

    "Our maintenance process allows us to react quickly to any change in legislation and adapt it fast without modifying standard objects"

  • Mauro Cavallieri

    I.T. Coordinator BIC South Region

    "The project provided an excellent opportunity to deepen our teamwork and responsibility at LAM level. It allowed us to share common problems and solutions, and to create similar ways of working regardless of where tasks are performed."

  • Javier Fransoy

    CIO Molino Cañuelas

    "QBit OBA Solutions enabled our Group companies to meet business requirements in an optimal way, making system maintenance easier and reducing future upgrade costs."

Professional Development

We are deeply committed to the growth of all our resources; in consequence, we accompany each consultant’s development on their way to professional specialization with concrete actions and strategies.

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